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GermSafe Disinfection

The fight against germs that cause illness never ends. Vigilance and consistent eradication effort is the key to maintaining a safe environment. Our goal is helping you “get to zero” by minimizing the likelihood of infection impacting your business or home. That fight starts with the GermSafe Disinfection service, a multi-step, trademarked process based on the latest advances in cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection practices.

We bring our core strength and knowledge of disinfection to your door. It starts with an in-person consultation at the requested area for treatment. Every industry, building, home, and room has unique characteristics that can affect how we approach and apply the disinfection service. We treat every customer as a separate project to ensure completion of the service and your satisfaction with the result.

An overview of what you can expect:






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Retail Stores



Before an area can be disinfected, it’s essential to test, measure, and report any surface contaminants like sweat, mucus, blood, and even fecal matter that can harbor pathogenic bacteria and viruses and act as a catalyst for infection. Testing serves as one indicator for how well your current cleaning and disinfecting process is working. Second, when you subscribe to the GermFree Recurring Service Plan, we use this test data to benchmark progress across service intervals with the goal of identifying problem areas, making effective changes to improve cleaning and disinfecting performance, and lower the bioburden load. “Getting to zero - no germs”.


GermFree starts with clean surfaces. We accomplish that through removal of any organic material or residue that may be on high touch areas. Disinfectants work best when a surface is cleaned first. Our technicians use microfiber-silver infused cloths with environmentally friendly disinfectants to wipe desks, chairs, doors, countertops and other surfaces to remove contaminants. Essentially, any surface where human touch frequently occurs.


Now that the surfaces have been cleaned, the disinfection process can start. But without the right tools and techniques, ineffective outcomes can easily happen. We use electrostatic sprayers that atomize the disinfectant spray and activate the particles with a positive charge. Like the way a magnet works, the positively charged particles wrap around and under an object ensuring complete disinfection coverage.


Any disinfection program is only as good as the length of time the disinfectant continues to kill viruses and germs. In most cases, that means the reintroduction of viruses and germs happens almost immediately after the application of disinfectants. With GermFree’s EPA approved solution, we apply a microbiostatic agent that is safe for the environment while suppressing the reemergence of germs. With up to a 90-day protection effect, regularly scheduling the GermSafe service leads to great outcomes.