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Germfree works with your business or organization to facilitate compliance with CDC guidelines for the prevention of infectious disease. Our experts draw upon the medical and scientific community to reach informed recommendations and processes with the goal of lowering infection risk.

Certification is the goal that signifies your achievement and commitment to protecting your employees and customers by implementing sound and effective health and safety protocols.

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Disease Prevention and Certification Starts Here



1)  Once you agree to become certified and sign our contract, we visit your facilities for an onsite inspection and review of current health and safety practices.


2)  We then develop a set of protocols based on your specific business type and circumstances that address key areas of your business to focus health and safety efforts on.

3)  Our consultation includes an implementation guide for you to follow so that your employees can successfully execute our recommendations.

4)  We perform an onsite verification of the implemented protocols. Once compliance is verified, GermFree will “Certify” your business and provide marketing and promotional materials for you to proudly present the accomplishment.

5)  To maintain your certification, we monitor compliance with the infection prevention protocols by a monthly onsite visit that includes a review and ATP surface testing to measure the overall cleanliness of high touch surfaces.

Our custom protocols for your business can address common challenges associated with infection prevention including:


  1. Needing assistance with practical application of the CDC guidelines for infection prevention that are cost effective and make a difference.

  2. How to prioritize what infection prevention efforts to undertake and understand the probable risk reduction for each implemented protocol.

  3. Screening employees for illness and taking appropriate action to limit the potential for infection.

  4. Communicating and monitoring personal health responsibility for each employee and encouraging them to be part of the solution.

  5. Reengineering floorspace to comply with physical distancing requirements while minimizing business impacts.

  6. The effective utilization of signage to maintain safety with customers and trust with employees.

  7. Recommendations on emerging technologies such as ultraviolet light for disinfection, water supply monitoring and treatment, HVAC micron filtering, and the application of antimicrobial film on surfaces.

  8. What actions to take when an active infection is present.  Is a biohazard response necessary?

  9. How to choose disinfectants that are both effective against COVID and non-toxic to humans. 

  10. How do I know if my cleaning and disinfection process is working?  

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