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Frequently asked questions


Q: Why choose GermFree?

A: We have conducted extensive research to develop a safe and effective system that exceeds the CDC guidelines to reduce germs in your business, home, or educational institution. At GermFree we believe that together we can achieve your goal of reducing infection by creating safer environments.

Q: Why do I need GermFree when I already have a cleaning program today?

A: Traditional cleaning techniques do not address the more complex requirements to eradicate a broad spectrum of pathogenic microbial organisms. In some cases incorrectly applied cleaning solutions and techniques can actually contribute to the bioburden leading to the likelihood of infection. Navigating the myriad of choices related to cleaning and disinfecting solutions to gauge effectiveness, performing the application, and absorbing the cost takes valuable time, patience, and energy to consume. As infection prevention specialists, GermFree assumes this burden so you can focus on your core business and your customers.

Q: Are your disinfectants on EPA List N Disinfectants For Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)?

A: Yes we only use EPA List N approved disinfectants. We continue to research new disinfectants that are being developed and are added to List N as well as List K.

Q: Are your products safe for children and pets?

A: Absolutely! Many products advertise they are EPA approved. That means that the EPA has approved that disinfectant for its intended purpose but it does not mean that it is safe for people or pets even after application. GermFree uses products that require little to no protective equipment to be applied. They are much safer than many of the alternative products being used by our competitors. Once our disinfectants have evaporated you may return to using the space immediately as there is no residual disinfectant.

Q: What about Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds)?

A: These disinfectants are potent disinfectant chemicals commonly found in disinfectant wipes, sprays and other household cleaners that are designed to kill germs. Quats are lung irritants and can contribute to asthma and other breathing problems. We do not use Quat disinfectants. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation(CPDR) created a document to help you choose safer disinfecting products. It can be found here. Choosing safer products to clean and sanitize your home.

Q: Do you disinfect every surface that might be contaminated?

A: If you are experiencing an active infection in your place of business or home, then yes, a complete area fogging is recommended to ensure that no viral agents or pathogenic bacteria remain. Our GermClear Biological Response service would eradicate all traces of germs. In situations where an active infection does not exist, but infection prevention and maintaining safe environments is your goal, we focus on high touch areas like counters, chairs, point of sale, doors, and equipment where the highest likelihood of surface transmission of germs will occur. We recommend our GermSafe Infection Prevention service to establish a baseline of disinfection followed by 90 day service intervals to maintain low transmissible levels of infectious germs. Our goal is getting “close to zero” in the fight against germs.

Q: Why can't I just use bleach to disinfect my home or business?

A: Bleach is inexpensive and readily available but there are safer and more versatile products on the market that you should be using. Some of the downsides to using bleach are that it can only be applied safely to certain surfaces and if bleach is mixed with other household chemicals it can release dangerous gases. Also bleach is very irritating and corrosive to the skin, lungs, and eyes causing chemical burns and triggering asthma if exposure occurs. At GermFree we use disinfectants that are safe for you and your surroundings. Our disinfectants are fragrance free, quat free, bleach free, completely evaporating, and contain degradable active ingredients.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: The pricing varies depending on the type of location, square footage of the treated area, and frequency of service. Please call us today at 520-216-5281 for a pricing estimate.