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When you experience a COVID-19 outbreak, the experts at GermFree Disinfecting can immediately respond to help patients and staff safely return to emergency vehicles.


Emergency Vehicles

Reduction in Bioburden After Adoption of Aerosolized
Hydrogen Peroxide Whole Room Disinfection

CDC Field Study, Determining the Bioburden of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms on Environmental Surfaces in Healthcare Facilities, Phase2, 2nd Report, June 2013.

The GermClear Biological Response raises the standard for disinfection with a unique whole room dry fog disinfection system. Traditional spray and wipe techniques leave more than half of the pathogens remaining. GermClear whole room dry fogging gets you to zero eliminating the threat of infection.

+ 99.9999% virus and bacteria kill reduction

+ Safe for electronics + Sameday room reentry

Fog instead of spray or wipe when you have a COVID outbreak.

The evaporation of H₂O₂ in the air concentrates the solution and creates a pathogen killing vapor.


Safely decomposes into water, oxygen and non-toxic silver complexes unlike more toxic disinfectants (quats).


The micro-droplets float over the entire room disinfecting ALL available surfaces.


The smaller micro-droplet size covers more surface area, in every crack and crevice than spray and wiping alone.


The twin killing mechanisms produce the highest efficacy of any whole room disinfection system.

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