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GermFree is a company that specializes in infection prevention by reducing pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the environment. Using an evidence-based approach, our process involves testing interior surfaces for contaminants, then applying advanced disinfecting techniques with minimal environmental impacts. Our antimicrobial inhibitor application can extend the effectiveness of the disinfection service up to 90 days. We disinfect all types of business, schools, places of worship, residential homes, and vehicle interiors. In addition, we offer emergency disinfection services where an active viral and/or bacterial outbreak has been identified. As consultants, we educate our customers and community on best practices for infection prevention including personal responsibility and advanced cleaning techniques.


James Titone started GermFree in Tucson, Arizona with a desire to improve the lives of people in the community by creating a disinfecting service that acts and operates more like a healthcare company. James' extensive background in healthcare serves as the foundation to form a powerful service and brand.

Our vision of putting the focus on the health of people and our environment first drives our interest. Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation and poor practices about what constitutes a “clean”, "sanitized", “disinfected”, or “sterilized” environment exist. Our goal is to break through that confusion and educate our customers on what is the perception versus reality.

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Eradicating illness and disease is the responsibility of every person, business, and organization. At GermFree we serve on the front lines keeping our environment safe by eliminating viruses and bacteria from the places we work, play, learn, eat, and sleep. As infection prevention specialists we rely on four foundational principles that drive our vision of disease eradication to keep people safe.

They include:

  1. Public awareness of the health risks and threats of environmental pathogens.

  2. Disinfection as a front line defense using environmentally friendly solutions.

  3. Evidence-based approach to test and validate the effectiveness of our disinfecting program.

  4. Education to encourage participation in healthy practices that limit the spread of pathogens.

To support our mission, as infection prevention specialists, we created the GermSafe Disinfection System, an evidence-based approach that combines surface testing for contaminants with innovative germ killing techniques followed by environmentally friendly disinfectants that inhibit germs over an extended time period. We also serve as educators, consulting with our customers on best practice approaches to maintain infection free environments in any occupational area. Helping you, helping the environment, the GermFree way!



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